Act. Learn. Build.

Startup Moxie encourages program participants to act first, using the tools at hand, pivot their perspective, and continue to build on what they learn. Startup Moxie is built around embracing failures, whether it’s proving a business concept or discovering more about oneself.

Startup Moxie practices empathy, creation, experimentation, play, and reflection to better develop entrepreneurial thinking around all activities in participants lives. We ask the question of “How might we…?” to encourage new approaches and angles to everyday challenges and experiences.

Students get the opportunity to hear from the leaders in our community about their business ventures, life experiences, and their perspective on the South Bend Elkhart region.

Applications for our 2022-2023 program are now open! Please contact Cole at for more information.

The Facts


Class meets Monday - Friday 7:30 - 9:00am.


Students will tour 20-30 local businesses and hear from 40-50 guest speakers.

Credit & Critera

Startup Moxie is a four credit high school class and a six credit Ivy Tech class.

Our Schools

Our Brand

We embrace failure, change, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Startup Moxie students and staff learn from failure, build on it, express ideas for change, and make an impact on our community.

We believe that everyone should strive for excellence and that no one should settle for mediocrity. We are a team that trusts each other and takes ownership for our work.

We respect one another and the different perspectives and personalities coming together to accomplish a common goal - or identify new ones! At Startup Moxie we are all responsible for being our own engine for growth and development, something that is impossible without drive.