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Business Investors

Do you want to see the next generation of entrepreneurs bring this region to another level of success? Investing in Startup Moxie is more than a financial commitment. We collaborate with our business investors for the benefit of the business, our student, and our community. Whether it’s mentorship, internships, or advising, we want to weave a fabric that goes beyond a financial thread.

To become a business investor and explore the opportunities available as one of Startup Moxie’s partners, please contact Iris Hammel at

Individual Investors

If you have a personal calling to financially support the future of our region, please make your tax deductible contribution by clicking the "Invest Today" button below. Thank you for your support of our programs!

“Investing in Startup Moxie has been rewarding because I have witnessed firsthand how my son, as well as other students have truly transformed throughout the year. This program not only enhances their knowledge in entrepreneurship, but also teaches valuable networking skills, helps them take advantage of every learning opportunity outside of the classroom, and aids to develop professional habits. In short, it teaches valuable lessons that assist students in leading a successful life and career inside or outside the business world. If we had to invest in one thing as a community that would create a youth transformational effect, investing in Startup Moxie would certainly yield one of the highest return.”

Isaac Torres, InterCambio Express