Tyler Seroczynski

School Name : Marian High School

Tyler Seroczynski, a 17 year-old senior, has grown up in South Bend, Indiana all of his life. He is extremely determined, exceptionally understanding, and utterly outgoing. These are some characteristics Tyler feels are essential in becoming what he wants to be. Tyler is abnormally brilliant in the math and science departments. With the opportunities of the Startup Moxie class, he plans on getting a taste of how to apply his future mathematical skills into building a product he foresees the communities surrounding him need. He plans to bring his brilliance to either Yale, Butler, or Wabash College. Besides bringing his smarts, he plans on bringing his athletic abilities to any of the colleges he attends. Tyler is a three sport athlete who passionately plays hockey, football, and baseball. Sports are much more than a game to Tyler, much more than passion or way of life, but a reason. Sports are a reason for Tyler. They have built life-long friendships he wouldn’t trade for the world, developed leadership and work ethic skills, and blessed opportunities to visit and play at extremely unique and historical locations. Since Tyler has such a strong desire for sports and the math and science departments, he feels a future business idea/product would have to be heavily related to athletics. Beyond his future with his profession and sports, Tyler is very involved in his community while volunteering as a youth group leader at Granger Community Church. He is a youth leader from grades 2nd-5th. He loves working with little kids, and he wanted to give back, build connections and friendships with other leaders who did so much for him growing up. He is also in the National Honors Society, and continues to do work in the community whenever and however he can.


“If you ain’t first, you’re last!” -Ricky Bobby