Thomas Mikula

Thomas Mikula has always had a creative and outgoing personality. He currently is a Senior at Saint Joseph High School. He plans on going to college and acquire a degree in film production. Thomas is an Eagle Scout. Often times, he finds himself in a mentoring or leadership role through his Scouting background. He has worked at Scouting events, including summer camp. He worked at Boxlunch, a retail store owned by Hot Topic, as a Sale Associate. His sales background also came from his time in Scouting, as he was able to sell more than $1,000 in Boy Scout Popcorn for three consecutive years.

Thomas is a very approachable and easy going person. He is easy to talk to and cares about the views or beliefs being addressed by other parties. Thomas, also, is very skilled in various artistic styles and abilities. He is an avid photographer and enjoys drawing and video recording. He excels in editing photos and has a “keen eye”. Thomas is a problem solver and very high energy. When faced with an issue that affects his group or task at hand, he will seek a way to fix it.