Tatyana Wardlow

School Name : Career Academy South Bend

Tatyana Wardlow is an unique senior at Career Academy. She has been part of the student council and is currently the President. She is a member of South Bend Youth Task Force, which is held downtown in the South Bend County City Building. She discusses the youth problems that exist in the City of South Bend and works to find solutions to solve them.Tatyana is also a part of The South Bend Code School, where she learns how to code.

Tatyana comes off quiet until you get to know her. She enjoys traveling and enjoys other activities such as cheerleading. After graduation Tatyana plans to attend college to major in the engineering field with computer science and technology.
Tatyana values respect, integrity, and adventures. She believes showing respect to the people around her will create great teamwork. A culture without respect will fail, as it will create negativity within a group or individual.

By being in Startup Moxie, Tatyana has expanded her knowledge on the community around her. From having guest speakers in the classrooms to building with her team members, she has been able to open her mind to many new learning experiences. She’s hoping to create more connections and a network that would lead her to a handful of opportunities.