Skylar Burdue

Creativity, passion, dedication and her desire to help people are all things that form Skylar’s foundation. She is always sparking with creativity in her shoots. She truly wants her shoots to be as creative and unique as possible. Skylar wants to create her own style in her life. She wants to be herself, unique as can be.

Skylar believes that you can always achieve your dreams if you put your mind to it, because to her photography was once a dream and is now her reality. Her strong desire for the art of photography pushes her to be the best that she can be. You can see her true love for photography in her life. Her desire for great photos is her motivation. Skylar is extremely passionate about her photo shoots and always wants her customers to be as happy as they can be. To Skylar, the job isn’t done until the customer is happy.

A major desire for Skylar is the drive to make people happy. She volunteers her time at several organizations such as The Women’s Care Center, Hannah and Friends, Bike for Hospice, and Together for the Long Run. Skylar is a co-founder of a service group in memory of a great friend of hers, Aidan Short, who passed away in March of 2018. The service group, better known as Aidan’s Masterpiece, strives to continue the mission Aidan had in his lifetime to serve the community. Skylar is a leader of this group and absolutely loves the mission of the group.

In the Startup Moxie program, Skylar hopes to fulfill her lifelong dream of having her own photography business. This is a true dream for her and she is pushing for it to become a reality.

“Photography is the beauty of life captured” – Tara Chisholm
“Little girls with dreams become women with a vision.” – Unknown