Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson has learned responsibility at a young age, as she has been a role model for her three younger sisters. Her sisters have taught her the value of friendship, family, and patience, as they have been supportive of everything she does.

Olivia has played sports and ridden horses since she was five years old. Although she is not competitive at heart, sports have taught her how to strive to be the best she can be in everything she does. She has also learned discipline, a great skill to have in every aspect of life.

Olivia carries the value of patience, discipline, and leadership with her every day, as she is the assistant coach of a fifth grade volleyball team. She loves the challenge of teaching young girls new concepts, and taking this opportunity to keep an open mind and always learn something new.

Outside of school, Olivia loves to ride horses, go camping, and spend time with her family. She can also be found singing or watching plays and musicals at the local theatres. Following graduation, she plans to pursue a career in accounting, and study abroad in a Spanish speaking country, in hopes of becoming fluent.