Nicole Nemeth

Growing up loving art, Nicole has always had a strong passion for color, and creativity. No matter the situation she may be in, she tries to incorporate color into everything she does. She enjoys art because it has allowed her to express herself and her mind freely. Nicole also has a strong desire for international politics, the environment, and searching for solutions to help those in 3rd world countries. She has been a member of the Human Rights Campaign since 2014.

Nicole strongly believes in giving back to the community. Since 7th grade, She has enjoyed volunteering at nursing homes and the Women’s Care Center in South Bend during her free time.

Beginning at the age of 6, Nicole started playing soccer and has had a love for the game ever since. Starting at age 8, she played travel ball until her junior year of high school. Nicole is currently a senior at Saint Joseph High School, and has had the honor to be on the girls varsity soccer team all four years. She was captain of the team her senior year.

Following graduation, Nicole plans on attending a school on the west coast (Portland,OR; San Francisco, CA; or Seattle, WA) in hopes of pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She plans to further her education by attending grad school to earn her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work. Nicole hopes to have the opportunity to work with adolescents struggling with mental illnesses. Her dream is to introduce art therapy programs into psychiatric hospitals. Wherever Nicole lands, she aspires to make a meaningful contribution to the world that she cares so much about.