Max Manta

Max Manta is a unique individual who strives to promote personal growth in himself and his surrounding peers. His involvement at Saint Joseph High School helps him embrace the mission to serve others through volunteering in the community.

In the future, Max plans to earn a degree in business and attend his top college of choice. Max expresses interest in his dad’s footsteps as an international salesman. His dad’s rich family culture in Uruguay has been a primary influence on Max’s identity.
Max currently has a job at Indiana Invaders soccer facility. This job has taught him many life lessons such as diligence, creativity, and even patience. Not to mention, being a member of a family of six taught Max quite a bit of patience. Max has taken these lessons to heart through his ability to lead the soccer and hockey team as a captain.

Max’s mom has always appreciated nature, so owning a condo in Steamboat Colorado is a family necessity. This comes in handy, as Max loves to ski in the winter and run in the summer. Max always strives to work extra hard in order to turn his opportunities into a reality of the future.