Madeleine  McTigue

School Name : Marian High School

Maddy McTigue, a senior at Marian High School, knew Startup Moxie would transform her life and personal vision from the moment she experienced her first networking opportunity on the first day of class. Since understanding the incredible effect of communication through connections, she has seized every opportunity to immerse herself into Startup Moxie’s interactive culture. A perseverant individual, she continues to utilize all of the tools presented each class to further explore her own capabilities as a young entrepreneur.

Maddy integrates key leadership skills into her everyday life as captain of Marian’s cross country team and track team. Her high school running career has been extremely influential towards shaping her role as a servant leader. It has cultivated within her important life lessons such as how to strengthen a team after a loss, and less important, but nonetheless memorable, lessons such as not to eat trail mix pre-race.

She values self-growth and awareness, with the belief that positive, impactful change occurs from the inside-out. These values became most important to her when she recognized that she and other members of Marian’s Service Club volunteered most effectively when they were encouraged to evaluate and voice their personal strengths and weaknesses. Through this exercise, Maddy noticed that the entire club morale improved, as each team member felt appreciated for what they alone were capable of achieving. Maddy’s mission is to help individuals discover their extraordinary potential.

Outside of school, Maddy loves to spend her free time writing creative fiction and poetry, running local nature trails, and calling her grandma. She can also be found designing Marian’s yearbook. Following graduation, she plans on writing her way to success through a career in business media/journalism.