Kira Pratico

School Name : Saint Joseph High School

Kira Pratico experiences our world through a lens of faith with compassion. Standing strong in her beliefs, Kira devotes her words and actions to becoming her true authentic self. Kira has grown to be ambitious in her actions by communicating with conviction. While participating at the varsity sport level, Kira maintains a stature of academic merit as well as a position of executive leadership for the student body, which has shaped her into the strong charismatic leader she is today. Above all else Kira values effective communication and positive encouragement. Kira, a fluent Spanish speaker, has been greatly impacted by immersion in new cultures having spent numerous weeks on mission in Nicaragua. Communal outreach holds a special place in Kira’s heart as she intends to use her abilities to serve those unable to help themselves within our community. Acting with intention allows Kira to fully engage and challenge both her heart and mind upon new endeavors.



“And yet, authenticity in itself is the ultimate show of faith in oneself. Just be you.” -James Bailey