John Graham

John is the oldest of 5 kids in his family. Being the oldest has forced John to develop into a natural leader and positive role model for his younger siblings.

Besides fulfilling his family requirements and academic requirements John spends his free time volunteering for either school organizations or youth sport teams. John enjoys volunteering because it gives him a chance to give back to the community and set a good example for his younger siblings to follow.

John plans to attend Miami of Ohio or Indiana University in the future. He also plans to study in the business field in college, but is unsure of his specific major right now.

John’s goal is to return to our region after college and hopefully follow his father into the family business. To accomplish this goal, John plans to increase his network in this community and gain an entrepreneurial mindset that allows him to grow as a person and as a leader. John plans to gain these skills and hopefully many other skills through the Startup Moxie program.