Hunter Renner

School Name : Marian High School

I am a highly motivated individual that is open to new ideas and expanding my knowledge. My passion and drive pushes me to excel in the classroom and on the football and soccer fields. On a daily basis, you can find me traveling from Startup Moxie, school, soccer practice, and football practice. My experience through sports has given me an advantage in my communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. This leadership has been on another level this year as I am a senior on both athletic teams and a role model to the underclassmen. My focus has been on creating a better team bond among my teammates on the soccer team to bring our achievements on the field to another level. This has been my focus because cohesion among fellow teammates and my peers is important to me. I am currently involved in the Startup Moxie Program by RISE that specializes in teaching the future about entrepreneurship and innovation through hands-on experience.