Charlotte Voor

School Name : Marian High School

Charlotte Voor is ambitious and innovative. The phrase “outside-the-box thinker” suits her personality well, coming up with new ideas and solving problems are her favorite things to do. Charlotte has learned leadership and the value of having teammates from participating in many sports and after-school organizations. Her ambition can be seen through her research, last spring she headed her own project in 3D printing food, culminating in the successful print of a pancake. She recently started a new project looking into antimicrobial properties of nanoparticles in 3D printed implants. Her love of problem-solving helps her obtain leadership positions, while not lacking guiding behaviors, she focuses more on feedback and reevaluation to tackle her challenges. Her passion for engineering has influenced her aspirations, she hopes of obtaining an engineering title with a background in business, most likely marketing or entrepreneurship. She hopes that Startup Moxie will help her learn how to incorporate business with her love of engineering while teaching her important skills such as networking.


“The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” ~ Pope Benedict XVI