Catherine Edmonds

School Name : Saint Joseph High School

Catherine Edmonds is a senior at St. Joe High School and her core values are faith, family, and service. Her faith gives her the courage to be herself, and lead others according to the ultimate mission of why we are here on Earth today. Her family is the drive behind her passion. She finds it very helpful to come from a family that started with a small business and now has grown tremendously over the years. Catherine is very involved in service as she is apart of H.O.P.E (helping other people endure) Club, and has been a leader in it for two years. She is very involved in the Thanksgiving Food Drive, as they raised over $25,000 this year allowing them to give 325 families a Thanksgiving dinner and food for a week. Another project she leads at St. Joe is called Coins for Kids. This is a fundraiser for Memorial Children’s Hospital, and the money they raise is used to buy toys, books, and anything else a sick child may want. She has played soccer for many years, and this past year she was the captain on the St. Joe soccer team. She is passionate in helping those in need, as she tutors at St. Vincent de Paul’s for their Food for Thought tutoring program. This program provides children in grades 3rd and 4th homework assistance and a snack before and after tutoring. She is apart of National Honors Society, and every year St. Joe puts on a very rewarding Halloween Party for those who are mentally disabled. In 2007, Catherine started Camp Fun, which is a musical theater/art camp. At this camp the kids memorize their solos, work together as a team, and think outside of the box on how to put on a great performance. She enjoys watching the campers grow intellectually and creatively year after year. Catherine is planning on studying Entrepreneurship or Business Management in college. 

“Startup Moxie has changed my life completely. It has created a fire within me to go above and beyond, and has given me a passion for entrepreneurship. I get up every morning because I am passionate about creating this same change in our community. I want to ignite the city of South Bend, and want people to feel the same passion I do for this class, for this city. I walk away from class every day thinking; I wish this was a five hour class. Startup Moxie has not just changed how I act at school; but the way I interact with adults, get involved in our community, and create my future. For many years I wanted to be a nurse, half way into this school year I realized a burning passion to go into entrepreneurship. This was a hard decision to make as I had accepted a soccer scholarship, and was going to be studying nursing at a very good nursing school. Once, I realized that I had made great connections within our own community, I was excited about entrepreneurship, and that now my priorities had changed from soccer to involvement in the community; I completely redirected my future. I am now starting from scratch and going the route of entrepreneurship with the hopes to stay in South Bend and study business at a local university.”