Annalise Hernandez

Kind, outgoing, passionate, and sociable are the words that best describe Annalise Hernandez. Annalise was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana. Growing up, she has been heavily involved with watching, coaching, and playing various sports.

As a senior at Marian High School, Annalise is involved with volunteering in her community. She also has become deeply involved with various activities within her school. Some of these activities include editor for the yearbook, film crew for Marian football, and volunteer at St. Matthew Cathedral school. Annalise values giving time back to her school community by helping out with photography and film. Annalise also likes to help out her religious community by volunteering her time at her church.

One of the values she has is to be positive, so others can have a brighter day. She strives to try and make sure others are happy. Being respect is another value of hers. She shows her respect towards faculty, staff, and mentors by being engaged. Annalise values being passionate and making connections the most. She wants to make sure she can connect with most if not all people to build up her network.

Annalise is very passionate about helping others out. Over the summer she loves to help out her younger brothers practice football and baseball. She coached t-ball for Southside Little League. In her free time she likes to babysit her younger cousins and help out whenever she is needed. Annalise plans on pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner in the mother and baby unit of the hospital. She hopes to attend Indiana University -Bloomington or the University of Indianapolis.