Anna Garatoni

“Trust God, trust yourself, and go get ‘em,” is a quote that inspires Anna Garatoni. She lives by this quote because she believes if you have faith and confidence in what you are doing and you aspire to do the right thing, then you can accomplish anything. Anna’s core values are faith, family, and finding the fun in hard work. Her faith is an important aspect of her life, because she believes that through faith she is able to get through the hard parts of life and come out smiling. Family is a major motivator for whatever she sets out to do because Anna works to make her family proud. Lastly, no matter what is going on, Anna makes it a personal goal to find a positive side to a difficult situation and help others see it. The Startup Moxie program is a perfect opportunity for Anna to strengthen these core values by using them in the work the program requires.