Abby O’Connor

Abby O’Connor, values her family and some of her favorite times are when they are all together. Her family has taught her the importance of love and respecting others. Abby is passionate about helping others out and she has been honored to go on different mission trips to help people. Her favorite one was helping to run a kid’s bible camp on the west side of Chicago.

Abby, having grown up with two older brothers, has learned perseverance because she is never allowed to win. Her brothers have taught her how to accept challenges, as they have challenged her to be her best. Abby is a competitor and has played basketball since she could walk. Basketball has allowed her to develop a sense of leadership and it has continued to push her to do better.

Abby works to better herself each day, as she values personal growth. She works to be a better person through positivity and respect. Abby values respect, as she believes it is important to treat people the way you want to be treated. It is through this belief that she works to constantly better herself by respecting others.

Abby is passionate about doing new things as it is exciting and adventurous. She hopes that it will help her to expand her network within her community and help her discover what she will do next. Abby is honored to be part of such a great program and is excited to see what new passions she will be able to discover within it.