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About The Startup Moxie Program

Startup Moxie is open to all high schools in St. Joseph County. With seven schools represented, and 35 students participating, Startup Moxie brings together a diverse group of young adults for an immersive and transformative experience.

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Our Mentors

Mary Jo Ogren

- Graham Allen Partners -

Being a mentor in Startup Moxie gives me an inside view into our community’s future leaders, and I can tell you that our future is bright!

Larry Davis

- Daman Products -

Mentoring high school students through Startup Moxie has given me the opportunity to help bright kids learn how business leaders think, and what drives them, to demonstrate the value of networking, to help them refine their own business plans, and to simply talk about life.

Brian Sittley

- Productivity Strategies & Solutions -

The Startup Moxie program provides a practical, values-based, immersive entrepreneurial experience that I only wish had existed in my own youth.

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